Is no the no contact rule good in this situation?

Going to keep this short and sweet

Dated a girl for a month that I met in class, she's 22 I'm 25, both of them went very well with making out at the end and her telling me she had an amazing time. She at one point liked how I was handling everything and that she liked the way I really made her feel like a women in the relationship.

I made plans with her one class and she ended up flaking on them (2 in total) , I casually confronted her about them as I despise mixed signals and she said she honestly couldn't stick to the plans, then she says "but", she goes on to tell me how an old "flame" had reached out to her (most likely after he found out we were dating) and she was confused and did know what she wanted to do. I ended up talking to her, she explained that she wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet, that she was scared of being hurt again, and she didn't know what to do and it wasn't fair to me to lead me on for something she can't give me.

I agreed and I told her we should put things on hold and she should have some space for herself to figure out herself and what she wants and that she has my number. She responded by saying "if that's what you want." which left me wondering if she took the whole space think as a break up. I don't want to end up her friend so I thought this was best and we had an amazing time together.

just wondering what opinions you all might have

forgot to mention that I asked her straight up about her "i don't knows" and confusing weather or not she was just trying to let me down easy and she said no,

still think that's her just being a girl and not wanting to straight up be honest about it and upfront?
went to class, she was fidgeting like crazy (tapping her shoes) moving around a lot and kept texting someone, over all acting really nervous, pretty sure she looked at me a few times too

I didn't look back, never talked to her, made eye contact a few times, turned away though, and she was laughing at things I was saying. at the end she I was going to wait for her to leave so I wouldn't walk with her, she ended up sitting there like she was waiting and I snuck out when she turned WTF?


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  • She's playing a game...and she doesn't know it..or does she? she wants to have her cake and eat it too. if things don't work out with the past guy then guy will be there.

    out of confusion I've done this too...when I was younger and had no idea of how to really let a guy down easy...or I wasn't sure of how I was feeling or if I was ready for something the end it was messy and I realized its not the way to go. you're better off moving on. and if she runs back to the other way. she is being straight up with you now...NOT ready for a relationship and can't give you want you want. take her word for it. if you stay there and follow up you'll only annoy her and push her away.


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  • Her "if that's what you want" was a passive aggressive way of dumping you, but making it feel like it was you doing the break up.

    She knew exactly what she was doing.

    I agree that No-contact is the right way to go here, but I very much doubt it will cause her to run back to you. In this case, No Contact is simply the right thing to do, in order to get past her and move on to the next girl in your life.