How and when to text and that kinda thing?

Okay so I'm pretty useless and this whole texting game and its rules, I mean I tend to do my own thing for better or worse. Once I've run out of the normal questions everyone asks I can go really random.

I just met this girl, she's beautiful, been texting her yesterday, I'm assuming I did an adequate job as we texted from morning till well the next morning but asleep breaks these things up so having said goodnight and her to me I'm left in the place where she texted last and hasn't texted me today so I'm guessing its up to me to text her again, or she's hoping I take a hint and don't text her who knows.

So I really don't want to freak her out with my randomness which is more due to me being shyish and not knowing what to say and over thinking and trying to figure out if she's happy or losing interest.

Can people give me some texting hints and tips ? Mainly from you girls as its your opinion that matters seen as this girl is well a girl


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  • I know this is just going to be confusing but I'm kinda opposite your other answers. Goes to show there are a whole lot of different people. I love the part of starting to date a guy and you're texting each other all the time. He could say pretty much anything and I'm smiling like a loon.

    I think if she didn't want to be talking to you she would have given you one word answers or conversation stoppers long before it went all day.

    About the randomness, I'd love it. I actually do the same thing and had one of the best convos start with something like "McD's vs BK" and spun out. It shows you want to keep talking to her and it's cute and weird and cute lol.

    I agree that you shouldn't go overboard, like if you texted all day one day then wait till the next afternoon and maybe keep it short unless she pushes it and maybe don't go for more than 4 days in a row. Try to read the signs, if she's being short with you one day and maybe not answering then wait a day or two before trying again.

    Just keep it fun and flirty and show your interest and be you, don't play games because that just makes things more confusing.


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  • I agree with what the first guy said. Also, I am really random too and I always tell people 'Im really random, so please don't get mad if I switch subjects', maybe tell her something along those lines or the exact phrase if you wish (I give you my permission haha)... also as a rule of thumb, girls usually don't like texting a guy first just because for the most part we feel like we are coming off as desperate/pushy/clingy/needy or what have you. To girls it shows that a guy is really interested if he starts the conversation, and to go with the 'less is more': when you do text her, do it like every other day or something like that, but don't do it everyday unless she's OK with talking to you everyday, if that makes sense. Hope that helps & good luck! :)


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  • never text a girl if you're interested in her, unless you're together - being boy/girlfriend.

    especially not all day long. that's a disaster.

    if you want her to become your girlfriend ask her out. go on a date. then talk - in real life. don't text. if you text you don't get any real feedback/you don't see how she react to your words.

    don't really know what to f*** is there to talk about all day. boring stuff. and believe me, she will get bored with this sooner or later. so stop it before it's too late.

  • Less is more. Give it a day or two.