Girls, if a guy gives you his number... when would you call?

Here's the situation: a guy you have never talked to before approaches you, tells you it's random but he was wondering if you wanted to go get some lunch or coffee sometime. He then gives you a note with his name and number on at and tells you to give him a call.

Would you respond? If so, when would you text/call him?

  • Same day.
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  • 1-2 days later.
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  • 3-4 days later
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  • Other. Post a comment with that number.
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  • I wouldn't call him/I'm a guy/see results.
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Well it's been 3 full days with no response... time to give up on them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi there. This really depends on your intuition. How did he approach, what did he say, was there any conversation at all or did he just give you a number. These are all things you need to think on. If you feel comfortable and interested then I would call him when you're free to call him. If you chose to call him I would definitely take a longer time talking and getting to know him over the phone before going out on a date. Make sure in that time that you pay attention and find out all you can. If you see signs that he is not right for you then don't agree to a date. Wish you well.


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What Girls Said 3

  • It depends if I liked the guy, how busy I am and my mood.

    If I liked him, I would probably call in the next 3 days, just to make him wait.

    I bet you're the one who asked the two girls the other day ;) !

    • Haha you are correct. No responses from them so far, so I'm getting a little down. I kinda doubt either will respond at this point. I mean, if some girl gave me her number I'd send her a quick text the same day to give her my number also. Ugh... they were both so beautiful.

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    • I'm anonymous just to be secretive :P I'll send you a friend request though... I can explain in chat sometime why I'm anon!

  • Hmmm... probably not. I just find it to be not as sincere if the guy doesn't get the girl's number. I wouldn't be impressed.

    • You have no idea how much guts it takes to do that. Girls are so ignorant about it.

  • If he was attractive and sweet then I would give it 2 days or so and ask him if he's still up for coffee or lunch or whatever. I think its great when a guys has the balls to go for it!


What Guys Said 1

  • lol at any woman not voting E. I'm pretty damn sure most women don't call them and expect the guy to always call.

    • Exactly! I asked this question yesterday: link

      Every girl is saying that #2 will call me when I'm thinking that yes, she might be more likely... but I still think that if I did that approach to 10 girls, that only one might call. So they are just trying to be all happy and nice to me on here :P

    • More like girls are delusional and want to believe they're equal to men in all things when they won't do their part to make things equal in many areas unfair to men. Why? Cause they want to keep their privileges.