I met this guy online and he's asked to meet him for coffee in Philadelphia...

first of all, I know there's like this weird thing with meeting people in person who you've met online, so is it creepy?

also, I've not be on a date in 3+ years and I don't know what to do =(


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  • You need to be careful! Bring a friend and make sure that you meet at place where there are a lot of people. I've met some people that I first met online and some were really nice and some were just plain crazy! Like I said though be careful and do not be alone with this guy until you feel comfortable and you've seen him a few times (with a friend).


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  • Oh, I see this is an old question... did you meet him?

    I would have said not to... it can be fun to meet people online, flirt with them, or more... but you really can't get hurt online, at least not physically.

    I know that there are many people who have met good friends, formed relationships, and even gotten married. At least, if you were going to meet someone, I would recommend doing it in a group... of at least 3 friends to meet with him. You can always say you and your friends were going to be on a shopping trip and can meet him for a few minutes.

    But again... this is an old question... so what happened?


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  • That's dangerous. If you're gonna go, at least take a friend. You should be worried about getting raped rather than a bad first impression.

    • Yeah, that dawned on me, but we're going to a public place and I won't follow him into any ally ways or go to his apartment with him.

    • Hahaha I know, but you should still bring someone, this guy could be some crazy mentalist/rapist, and you don't even know it. Take my advice, don't take my advice, it's a matter being careful and aknowledging what you could be getting yourself into. Good luck.

    • Raped? Why not go for the junk if he's trying to rape you?

  • Just, if you've never seem them on webcam, don't do it, if you have, think about it, and tell someone where you're going, you're not a child, so I wouldn't worry about meeting a paedophile either.