Why do some guys treat the wrong girls the right way then the right girls the wrong way?

If he is being the great nice boyfriend to the girls who are jerks and treat him like crap and use him for money or just to boost their own ego. Then leave him and hurt him. Then someone comes along and treats him like he deserves because he is a nice guy, then he turns on her and starts treating her like sh*t so she leaves. Are these guys gluttons for punishment? Do they really just want the bitch?

BTW the nice girl was the best looking of the girls by a long shot. Not being catty just a fact.

I get it now. Some guys really do like drama. If they date a bitch the drama comes with the territory. If they date someone nice and laid back they have to create it.


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  • This is a very difficult things for guys and girls. People these days are too much about pursuing the challenge and having that fun and excitement in life. I'm guilty of that to some extent. Lots of girls will get rid of guys because they are "too nice" and become scared or bored with them. Guys will get rid of girls who are too nice or too easy because it's just boring. People that do genuinely want a stable relationship are forced to act like jerks out of fear of not being able to find someone.

    I personally find that when I treat girls disrespectfully, they are drawn to me like magnets despite their bullsh*t about wanting "Nice guy who cares". They include full spectrum of girls: really nice and caring to slutty and bitchy. It's not who I am but here's the quick and dirty:

    In today's dating world, you have to be like someone who you're not to get the other person to like you. Then you show them who you really are and you hope that they like you for it.

    • Then I quit dating and just become a slut and have sex with any single guy I want' because I won't play games or pretend to be someone I am not. Nobody is worth that. If he wants a challenge then he can find it with someone else.

    • You need to go out there and teach men and women that. You'll be doing the world a huge favor. :)

    • You made me laugh thanks for putting a smile on my face today. I kind of needed it.

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  • Guys are stupid sometimes, ignorant, and insensitive.


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  • Maybe you were too nice...

    Or maybe you really just aren't their type...

    • Trust me I was his type, he is really hurting right now because I broke up with him. I was as nice as he was so if I was too nice does that not mean he was too nice too? Because frankly his niceness is what made me fall for him in the first place.

    • Maybe he likes bitches then. He might like the challenge of confrontation.

    • That's what I am thinking. Though it's not a competition for him since he just cowered and let them get away with almost everything and does everything for them while they did nothing but be mean to him. It's sad he deserves better but it is too late for us.

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