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I was seeing this guy for about a month. It kind of got mucked up because of me. This resulted in him ending it as I scared him off a bit by coming on too strong. I apologized for everything I could and left him be for a week. We ran into each other on a night out drunk and had yet another tussle. I went another week not speaking with him and him not speaking to me. Anyway last Friday he texted me drunk wondering how I was and if I hated him. I told him no. I told him I was merely embarrassed about what had happened. He stopped texting then started drunk texting again on the Saturday night just saying he was glad I was OK and didn’t want me to get hurt or anything. He asked if he’s offended me when we’d ran into each other that night and I told him he had kind of. After that the texting stopped again. On Monday he sober texted me relatively early and we had a decent conversation. He was being sensitive and complimentary. He asked what I was going to be doing that night and I almost felt he was gonna ask me to do something with him. I told him I was busy though. He asked what I’d been up to and I said I’d been at the gym mostly, he then said “why? I’ve told you 8 million times you have an amazing body and don’t need to get anymore fit”. I then went to my friends to watch a movie and he left me to it.

Last night I thought I’d send him a text and again we chatted away again. He still kinda used a few pet names when talking to me and was teasing me a little and making me laugh. He then went to bed early for work. However what I am really concerned about is his ex. I know this is bizarre as we aren’t even together but that’s what I wanna work up to in the end! Anyway a mutual friend told me he’s meeting his ex this Saturday for lunch with one of her close guy friends/relative (guy friend may not be able to make it though). I’m finding this all very confusing as he broke up with her at the end of March on his own terms and he said he had no intentions of ever getting back with her again. I was actually supposed to be getting introduced to her at one point! This just makes me feel so uncomfortable because I know he loved her and was with her for a year and a half. But I have a feeling he still harbours a few light feelings for me. I just feel as if I don’t stand a chance against this girl. He’s still friends with like half of her family on Facebook as well.


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  • if you wanna be with this guy you first need to trust him. If you can't trust him to hang out with an ex, somethings wrong. I understand the whole thing about ex's being at one point the center of their life, but some people are actually able to stay friends with their ex's. if you trust him you have nothing to worry about. and if he does something to his ex, don't you feel like maybe his not the one? I think maybe you should meet up with him and just ask him. thing is, they might have had a very serious relationship, so his friends with all her family. where as you guys werent really ever serious. you kinda scared him off cause his not ready for a relationship, so he might be flirting with you, but flirting with someone doesn't always indicate that they want a relationship. he might still love his ex. you won't know unless you ask. its an awkward question but you want an answer.

    • true. he already said he was long over her. but this suddenly meeting up thing is causing me to doubt. I just think after all the arguing we did over silly things, he wouldn't speak to me anymore. and he's not treating me like a friend or a girlfriend either, it's like I'm in a middle ground. although its over for now I still feel that its not "over over" if you know what I mean. the whole ex thing is just very worrying and could completely blow everything...

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    • no it sucks but you deserve better :)

    • you're right :)

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  • Like shania said, trust is so important! I've seen potential relationships fail just because one person was being so nitpicky with can't do this, can't do that. Just put more trust than doubt, if he hasn't given you reason to doubt him.

    • well no he hasn't given me a reason I suppose. he generally says what he means. but because we're not together now he's not as open. maybe he feels alone, I don't know. I just know I miss the boy! haha

  • I need some feedback on mine as well so can you do that for me? Its about the girl going out of her way to talk to a guy mother. I reposted it under would a girl do this if she don't like you? So if you see either one can you help me out as well? OK well let me start by saying that he does has something for you. That's why he be calling you cause you do be on his mind at times. Now the fact that you blew him off must've hurt him really bad so he's still dealing with it. He still cares about you so you don't have to worry about that, but on the other hand once he moved on that did kind of hurt your chances but not 100%. You're the one he talks to when he feels he need to open up at times, so you still have some chance. You would have to wait on him to decide that he wants to be with you. Now Facebook friends don't mean a thing cause half of the people on there don't even talk to each other. They just have friends to say they have a lot. The way it sounds like you don't want to meeting her anyway, but if you do meet her just be friendly toward her even though she won't like you. Be the bigger person since he still have something towards you. I say that cause once they start arguing about you he will defend your honor. Trust me they will fight about you cause she's going to be jealous of you. Cause he will act different while in both of you'll presence. So just relax if its meant to be it will be soon!

    • I don't know if I blew him off though, I have no idea if he was gonna ask me to chill out or not. and it wasn't a call, just texts. I'm not with him anyway so I doubt I'll ever get to meet his ex now. I just want things to go back to being good like they were to start, I just have no idea how to revert back to that. I'll try to find your question.

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