Could this be a good sign?

A few days ago I was at this festival with a friend of mine and there we met my crush and a lot of her friends, and we hung out the whole night (all girls besides me).

But before I'll get to the real question I should tell you a little bit of the background first: I had met my crush once before a couple of weeks earlier, and we pretty much had a connection from the get-go and kept in touch using Facebook/texts.

Now, on to the real question. When we were about to leave I was chatting with her (my crush) and it went a bit like this ( I went there by bike).

"Don't you live awfully far and you have to bring her (my friend I went there with) back home too?" she asked me.

"Meh, I always rode my bike a lot so it doesn't really bother me." (Not trying to brag or anything.)

"(Jokingly) Training some muscles, are we?"

"Hehe. Well, it does not really matter that I have bring her home too since I'll have to ride a lot anyways." (Along the lines of I'm driving xx km anyway, so x km extra does not matter.)

Then she looked at me (not at my face) and she bit her lip for a second...

I can provide more information about that night if you need. Just ask.

Now, I am wondering if her biting on her lip could be a good sign, or if there are any good or bad signs in the conversation I have given.


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  • lip biting= she likes you OR she has a problem on her mind and she was thinking about it
    Don't get your hopes up. Remember that chatting / texting is waaaayyy more different than talking in person. My advice is to try to meet up with her more often. Get to know her more. THEN see how it goes
    Upon reading your convo, it sounds like you talk quite easily with each other (with a hint of flirting). That's a good sign. Again, get to know her more before making any moves :D
    Good luck :D

  • It usually indicates that there's something she's feeling but too shy to say. If she was older, I'd say it was an indication of sexual attraction, but you kids are just getting started and possibly aren't quite there yet. :-)


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