Give it time or give up?

a few months ago I met this fantastic guy. smart, funny, cute, the whole package. we talked for about a month, then had a date. been seeing each other since. no titles, but neither of us is seeing other people either.

was fantastic at first. saw each other a couple times a week. never talked on the phone, but texted a few hours every night, and sometimes during the day too if he was awake (both work 3rd shift).

so we went from seeing each other once or twice a week, for several hours, to seeing each other every week or two for a few. and he warned me that it was going to be hard for the next couple months, between work, some family stuff, and having his kids for the second half of the summer. we're no where near serious enough for meeting the kids yet, and I'm perfectly OK with that.

hes been off and on with the texting. it went from every night to mostly every night. last week there were 3 different days I didn't hear from him at all. not in a row, he's never gone more then a day without at least saying hey. and I know part of it is that he's super shorthanded at work.

he just had to cancel a date for tonight. last minute, but he's been sleeping most of the day and woke up to his kids begging to stay with him. he texted me to call him (we never talk on the phone so I kinda knew something was up) and apologized profusely. he explained the situation and that he'd tried telling them no. he said its just sh*tty because he's had a lot going on lately and he doesn't get to spend enough time with them, but he wants to spend time with me too.

I'm not mad that he canceled. kinda bummed, but not mad. and I was honest, told him to have fun and spend time with his kids, that I understood and that I'm not planning on going anywhere.

I guess I'm just bummed. I haven't seen him at all in over 2 weeks, and the last time I did, he was so exhausted he ended up passing out on the couch. I know he's busy, and I'm taking his word for it when he says that he wants to see me.

so I guess I'm just wondering what other people would do in similar situations? I'm assuming getting together will be easier when his kids are in school. But that's at least another month. by the time that rolls around, we'll have been seeing each other without the seeing part for over 2 months. we haven't been together very long, so part of me is wondering if the waiting is worth it? especially since I don't actually know that we'll see each other more after that...


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  • Give him time. He may have been busy.

    This is just very common, extremely exciting at first, but then one person might feel overwhelmed and need a bit of space.


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