Should I stay strong or come back?

Me and my girlfriend have been having problems. I told her I don't like this guy.(he had kissed her at a party and she pushed him off and told him that was not ok). then she is talking to him in a very very flitry way on twitter. I freaked out and said if I see one more thing from him I will be leaving.(alot of other things have been going on that's why I'm jumping to leaving so quick). Then the next day she tells me she got drunk and threw up on one of her girlfriends, friends. I said oh that sucks and she said they were really nice and got her a new shirt. Then I see on her twitter this same guy say you know I like you when I don't get mad at you when you puke on me. I freaked out and told her were done. She lied who it was and I told her that she shouldn't even be around this guy.

Should I hold strong? she keeps saying things that make me want to come back. I really love her but I can't handle this. should I just tell her no?


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  • Hi there, what a tough situation when you love someone. I think you see the true issue here which is trust. This is a cheating situation. The cheating was the lie. The big question is do you trust her? I'm sure you've heard people say that trust is one of the most important things in a relationship and it is. Unfortunately, from what it sounds like to me, a woman that could violate the relationship in the way you described may not get better. Also sounds like her drinking could be an aggravater if she is drinking til she pukes. If not for that would she have been sober enough to not do something else with him that she regrets. If you were my brother I would tell you to move on. I do not know how long you have been together but if it has been a long time (i.e. years) then I would at least give her the opportunity to have a conversation with you to see what she has to say. Anything short of I am sorry, I was wrong, I am never going to see or talk to him again would be unacceptable in my book. Hope this helps. Wish you well.

  • I honestly think that she should not be getting drunk around him, or even partying with him... Also, if she lied about one thing, who knows what else she'll lie about. If there's no trust, the relationship won't work :(


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