Why would a girl get furious if I don't feel like talking to her?

I have never seen this happen. For a girl who is usually very calm and cool headed, she sure got mad fast. We had an argument a few days ago, nothing major, but I was a little annoyed by some things she said. Today, I was still a bit ticked off but I wasn't mad at her, I just didn't want to talk because I can say jerky things when I'm annoyed at somebody, so I decided to keep my distance.

So I was being quiet for a while and then she asked me what was wrong and I told her. SHe got mad at me, and not a little mad, really mad! We are not dating or anything and she tells me I'm very annoying so I didn't really understand why she got upset at me. I tried talking afterward but she only got enraged further, is this common among women?


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  • She likes you and has been waiting for you to contact her. She's mad at you but also at herself for allowing the anticipation to build up.

    Distance = Disinterest to a girl.

    Distance after an argument = Breakup or something along those lines.

    Guys like to shut down, cool off, and think. GIrls like to strike while the iron/frying pan is hot. REALLY FRIGGIN HOT. If you like her, you just have to get used to her Spartan argumentative style. Be strategically prepared for it.

    Women who feel close/connected to you want to talk things through and expect you to understand that. Guys who feel close/connected to you want to back up, take a deep breath, cool off, and either let the argument pass or try to resolve it a different way. We're polar opposites in this communicative department and just have to acknowledge that about each other to prevent MAJOR blow-ups.

    Call her in a day or two (don't drag it out) and see how she's doing. Do something cute/touching for her and watch her heart melt, even if she's still ticked off at you.

    Sigh. Good luck.

    • Yes, I personally think it's common amongst women. She probably likes you, a lot. Even though you might not see it, she wants to keep talking to you so she'll convince herself that maybe she has a chance of pursuing a relationship with you or vice versa. Trust me, I'm going through the exact thing right now. She wants you to miss her.

    • @Indie: She wants him to miss her? I'm trying to think it that was my reaction when I was in that situation... (This may take a while, lol.)

    • If I got into a fight like that, I'd probably want the guy to start communicating with me before I convinced myself that he wasn't interested in me anymore. She's probably acting like a bitch because she wants you to keep paying her some attention. You're not talking to her after the arguement, so she'd figure another way to even have her talk to you is by creating a commotion like this between you. ( haha, it always takes a while.)

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  • Well it has nothing to do with gender. The fact that you had a fight a few days ago would leave her to believe that you were still mad at her. More than likely she thought it wasn't a big issue either but your not wanting to talk made it seem as if you were being petty (even though you weren't). She perceived it as such because of the tension that was still obviously there. That is what probably made her very upset probably worsened if she thought she was correct and you were in the wrong.. Just a human emotion. Now she probably won't believe you were not mad because to her you were behaving as if you were mad.

  • Yeah it can be. I mean I'm a woman and I don't understand why women flip like that but they do. It's a security thing. Woman like to feel secure about everything especially their relationship. And so when you don't talk to them they feel like their relationship is going down the drain. Even though you two are not dating, it sounds like she might have feelings for you and if she doesn't she just cares about you and when you don't talk to her it hurts her. I mean I can find it annoying sometimes when I'm trying to figure out what someones problem is. But when I don't get anywhere in figuring out what's wrong I get mad and frustrated and just get blunt with them. It sounds like that's what she's doing. It sounds like she's getting frustrated because she can't figure you out and so she's getting blunt. Just try to talk to her. I know sometimes its hard but just keep cool and talk. Communication is key. Hope this helps. God bless. Psalm91:)

  • No it is not, Either she likes you a lot or she is one moody B*tch. Let her be mad like you said you two are not together. She asked you what was wrong you told her and she got made. Her bad she shouldn't have asked.


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