If someone says I'm being really nice -you keep rejecting their advances, does that mean sex? Or just 'efforts'.

someone says you keep rejecting their advances, does tat mean sex? or just 'efforts'.

I thought it was a term from like 1950s movies, that referred to sex, but some people say it just means efforts to be with u/ get to know u/ date you, etc etc

do you ever use it, f so, how do you, use it?.


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  • It just mean you have been rejecting their attempts at trying to flirt with you.

    • oh, I see thank you. because was pretty offended when he said that. but as I was not _sure_ what it refers to, I could not make any sarcastic remarks.

      hmm, how do you block someone trying to flirt. you mean b not flirting back? because you can flirt anytime you want. I mean its not really something a person can block, I think..

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    • ;-)