What should I do Because I don't know?

So this is very new and I never thought I would ever haft to ask this. But I'm confuses I mean I know where I got my mind set on but can't I do it Or at less stick to keeping my word. But This guy and I been on and off for the past few months now, I'm and I dated for about 3-4 months now. And The first time we hook up things was just fine .But you know every relationship has some type of problems. But with us it was just trust, ex 's and sex, and other people involved are relationship. But him and I don't talk the way we use to, and every time I try to explain to him what we can work on and stop the fussing back and froth and teach him about life and things important. But it's like most of times I feel like I'm just talking to myself and has not really taking in anything I say. And another thing is : he says he loves me but serous last time I recall Love is not begin disrespectful and begin rude, then he ask me why I bitch at him I look at it this way it's a win share I mean he don't call me out my name of anything he just feels like anything I say it's bad or just don't listen and have this nasty ass attitude. I mean I can't work backwards with him anymore but I feel like there is still hope but then again.. I don't know what to do because I know he says he has change and willing to do better but that the sad part because things he do he don't find it a problem and it really T's me off that he thinks what he dose is A.O.K. But I say and do leave him alone but why do I answer his phone calls or just call him back few Min's later if I know he just the same person? Someone help?! Thanks :(


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  • Sadly it may be time to move on to a more mature guy

    • I agree. I mean I'm not really looking for another boyfriend but at the same time it's always good to have someone good in my life and someone that is willing to care for me.

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    • You are welcome. I would add you and may already have you as a friend but cannot tell lol. We are both anon :P

    • Yea lol thanks :)

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  • Sounds like my ex. You can't make him change, you can even tell him what's wrong a million times but the fact of the matter is, he won't change unless he see's the problem and wants to fix it. Then again, we shouldn't be with people that we want to change. Shit started for us the first month we were together, that lasted 5 1/2 years. It's not worth it in the long run. My opinion of course though. Look for somebody you don't have to convince to fix the relationship, that's my best advice.

    • Yes thanks I agree. I mean and there very few people that are willing to change for someone but like you said it's worthless to allow myself to deal with this sh*t for so long. I mean I care for him lot's and want him to be in my life, but he haft to meet me haft way . But I know I can do better. But it always kills me when I promise myself I'm not going fool with him. An later I call him back, but like you said he needs see it himself and the only way to do that is just to leave him along. smh

    • It really is a SMH situation lol. It sucks & I'm sorry you have to go through it but the sooner you move on or past him, the easier it'll be. Even though, moving on from relationships is never really easy. Just keep your head up and you'll find a great guy!

    • lol yeah. And it's not about me finding another guy, I just need to move and and be done with it once and for all. And moving on from him it's not really that hard for.. because he comes running back to me, but I'm a fool to always allow myself to settle for less and plus the way he treat me it's not cool hell no. But I write him a letter and told him that I'm done, enough is enough! he has to learn that he can't get his way and don't change f*** that sh*t. lol Nope nope.So I got to do it.