If a guy friend says I know what you need, you need sex, how would you react?

well I got that from a friend, online friend, I thought he liked me as a friend and I wasn't expecting that he doesn't know a thing about my sex life but yeah I am not having sex nor do I think that is the reasons to my problems, so we had a fight I might have overreacted but that's a d***head move its not like he knows me forever...so I said that were some limits to his games and well he doesn't talk to me anymore...


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  • That is a bonehead thing to say. I don't know if it was something to end a friendship over, but I definitely would have told him to shut the hell up!

    Give it some time, things will calm down.

    • yeah its not like I know him forever and iwas being serious about my issues and wasn't a time to make a joke but be supportive

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  • You're not saying he suggested himself. As I perceive it, he simply suggested sex as recreation in general. That is banter.

    The correct answer is something like: "Yeah, but I really can't fit in any more guys on weekdays, and Sundays are off days except for the regulars." or "Nah, I had sex once and my hand was sore for weeks after that." or some other such jokes.

    Blowing up on him was just stupid.

    • yeah I get you I usually joke with him about this things but all the time, when I was being serious wasn't nice, it was disrespectful he doesn't know about my sex life to say it...

  • He called it like he saw it, and delivered it tongue in cheek. Sounds like you blew up at him, and he backed off from the bear with the sore tooth.

    • yeah something like that, well I didn't say we didn't have to talk anymore but he was being way too sexual with his comments and I am not a call girl that everything is about sex...maybe that's what he wanted a girl to flirty sexually...

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  • I've said that before to friends when they were cranky, frustrated; highly strung etc, "you need to get laid". Its not meant as a proposition or a slander against you its just a tongue in cheek joke , banter, teasing, ribbing etc

    • I get what your saying but its different when you have that intimacy and are long time friends I am just getting to know him and iwas being serious about my issues and wasn't a time to make a joke but be supportive

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    • Yeah that's possible. Or he may have been trying to lighten the mood, feeling a little embarrassed or awkward for spilling his life story to you especially if you have a history of joking with each other. It can be much harder for guys to develop something deeper with women especially if they don't know if its friendship or something more

    • we have talked before that we were both interested in a friendship I think we both made that clear...i think he might just have wanted to have someone to share his drama with and then like you said regret it...

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