Topics I can bring up?

Hi everyone,

I am going to deaf event tonight but I do not know what bring up during a conversation with a deaf person. The main problem is because I have been doing sign language for only 3 months. Probably the worst thing is that the person who I will be talking with tonight would think I am boring or something like that.

Does anybody have any sugesstions for topics?


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  • Tell that that you have just been signing for 3 months. Apologize if you are slow or are incorrect & ask them to correct you.

    How old is this person?

    Talk to them about sports, the Olympics or simply ask them if they like any sports.

    Where they're from, school, hobbies & work..

    They are normal people talk to them about anything you would in that age group.

    • Of course they are normal people but sometimes I have a tendency of only talking about school. The only thing is I do not play sports or watch the olympicsbecause I never watch tv. So, I will not know anything from those two areas. But thank you for your suggestions!

    • Just say I haven't see too much of the Olympics. Have you?

      What's your favorite sport? You don't have to have an in depth conversation.

      I'm sure they will try to keep the conversation going too.

      Start out with school. Ask them about what types of school they went to.

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