Foreign guy I met never responded to my message?

I just got back from spending my summer in a foreign country with a friend who lives there. I met tons of people and one of them in particular was this guy who I thought was gorgeous. We talked for a little bit and he was super sweet and seemed like a great guy despite being a bit shy.

Anyway, I left to come back to the U.S. the other day and I never got the chance to say bye to him so I messaged him on Facebook telling him how I'm bummed I didn't get to say bye, but it was nice to meet him, etc. Buuut, he hasn't responded? He's not a big Facebook guy but he DOES come on and he's had activity since I've sent the message.

I kinda thought when we were together he showed some signs that were indicators that he was at least a little bit interested in me, but I feel like if he actually was even remotely interested then he would have responded to the message as soon as he saw it. He's really not a rude guy from what I saw so I don't know why he would ignore a simple message that says bye? Advice needed!


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  • which country did you go too? I ask cause if you went to any vacation spot in Europe especially in the mediterraneanĀ“, like spain, greece, italy and france, it was just a fun experience for him. I'm myself is italian and I see how the guys treat tourist girls, they flirt and are super sweet and then they say sure lets keep in touch and see what happens and then they go back to dating italian girls again. That's what they do its a summer thing.

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