So guys am I over thinking this?

i asked this guy I like

if he wanted to go watch the new batman movie with me

when he moves to my town and all he said was " sure :) "

so I'm thinking sure as in ye whatever ill ditch later

or sure as in hey your cool I want o see it with u.. =s


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  • You're overanalyzing it too much. He said sure, which meant yes. So he's going with you, enjoy that fact!

    • ye :( but you all awnser so differently makes me confused

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  • He does not sound super excited so don't put too much stock into it.

  • Sure is not the biggest word of commitment. It does not sound like he is going to be your next love of your life.

    • ihave dated him for about 3 years on and off

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    • well wha difference does it make if someone says sure or yes or YES ..i mean he's not someone who is so dramatic he's more laid back

    • then why ask this question-dafuq, you give no details abut if you were with him and then now you are answering your own question. Please don't respond anymore to me

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