How do guys feel about dating a woman with children?

I have 3 children, with another one on the way, in 3 weeks. Their ages are 8, 4, and 3. I am single and would like to spend my life with someone one day, but I am worried about how having children, especially so many, will affect the dating and serious relationship part of my life.


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  • I think that if you find the right guy, it won't make a bit of difference. He will love you anyway, and your kids, too. I have a similar situation with my girlfriend. She has a 4 year old daughter. When she was 3 months pregnant, the father of her daughter just left her. She wasn't even married to him, and had the baby on her own. To this day, he wants nothing to do with the little girl. I met her on line about 22 months ago, and I love her daughter like I would my own. My girl has two other kids as well; one a teenager, and the other grown. They see their father, though. Thats the sad part; the little 4 year old has no father. He abandoned both of them! I'm trying to be a good substitute dad to her. Bottom line, I love both my girlfriend and her kids; especially the youngest one! Keep searching; I'm sure you will find someone to love both you and your kids. I'm sure he's out there! Don't give up!


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