Any luck with online dating?

So I met this guy through a friend of mine.. We have been talking via Facebook and text for about a month now.. We both have very busy schedules so making a plan to meet has been difficult but definitely in the works. We hv so much in common its uncanny.. My question is has anyone had luck starting a new relationship this way.. Great stories? Horror stories? All answers and advice are welcome!


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  • i actually met the guy I'm seeing now site. we first started talking in oct 2011 and were still in contact till this day :)

    My situation is similar in the way that he and I have schedules that don't really allow us to see one another when we want...hes in the armed forces and I'm working and going to school so its tough but if you two get along and are interested it will work out...just take it a day at a time and don't over analyze or daydream to much...can and will get you into trouble. fall for the actual guy not the guy we make up in our heads...ive been pleasantly surprised. he's an amazing person...and if things go well then maybe one day he and I will be ready to head into a more serious relationship...we'll see. its all about timing and how well you mesh with one another. Good luck! :)