How do I stop thinking about guys?

my bff says that I am boy crazy but now that I think about it, maybe I am.

Im too old to be boy crazy though. I'm 23

I don't really chase after guys though. I don't sleep around or just have to go up and talk to a guy or anything but I definitely notice them, I always point them out to my bff lol. "oh he is cute" something like that... maybe I am sexually frustrated but I choose to be. Id just rather be in a relationship than have meaningless sex

i have no boyfriend, want one though, I'm educated and attractive, I talk to guys.. but then I don't really talk to guys. More like I am interested at first and then I loose interest in the guy because he is not what I want, lol

I normally only try to get to know one guy at a time although right now I am currently interested in 3 guys lol but I find it hard to really try to get to know 3 guys at a time because I'm actaully seeing one of the guys way more than the other 2. I have adhd so I'm sure I'm gonna forget about the other 2 guys in no time... or maybe all 3

well anyway, how do I deal with this? I want to stop thinking about guys or a guy. I find myself analyzing the guy, before the date, during the date, after the date, even text messages.

Im lusting over a guy but I don't want to have sex too soon because I want to try and build something with a guy

How do I just go to work, or to the store or where ever without noticing every single guy?


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  • I think it's perfectly normal to notice every guy you see. It's not really something you can hold back, you see them and notice them, simple as that!

    The problem with this is if you're driving lol


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  • It's normal.. I check out girls everywhere I go.


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  • It's normal. It doesn't stop. My best friend has accused me of the same thing. As long as nobody gets hurt, what's the harm?