Why does it seem like jocks only date girls their friends have dated?

all the jocks at my school pass the same girls around over and over I like a guys and I think he likes me but like I said I'm different than other girls I'm more conservative and the girls I have to compete with are way too open about their sex lives and I feel out of place when jocks talk to me I feel like they just want sex why do they want to talk to me so bad


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  • Yeah, I know how you feel. The outside girl who's conservatine who likes one of the jocks. It's a hard possition to be in. And yes, it does seem as though there's a dating flow chart between the jocks and the popular people.

    Don't sweat it. If you like the guy, and he honestly likes you, then don't bother about the other stuff. Sure, his friends might rag on him a bit, but that's normal, and they'll do it with any girl the guy goes after - it's not you personally.

    That having been said, the nice jocks, the ones that are the only reason why girls like jocks in the first place - besides their physic - want a good girl. The one they can show to Mom without the desparing sigh that makes the boy knows his Mom wants him to do better.

    So, if you like the guy and he has a thing for you, then just go ahead and let things flow naturally between the two of you. At the end though, just don't become another member of the flow chart.


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  • Their from the same social clique and can only date people who are "cool enough" for them to be seen with.

    Which means that they have a very limited amount of people to choose from out of the cool crowd.

    And since they are in the cool crowd it means they have friends in the cool crowd who also date.

    So in the end they all end up going over psychotherapy and some point lol.

    • Lol how did psychotherapy come in there? I meant they all end up going over each other at some point.

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  • Because those are the girls who are pre-approved cool, the friends all agree that they are hot, and most importantly put out.

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