Should I text her or not?

Hi all,

About a month ago, I went on a youth group vacation. I did not know any of people. My group consisted of 3 guys (including myself) and 9 girls. I got interested in one of these girls. We talked a couple of times, but we never REALLY had a good conversation there. We both had to take a train home when the vacation was over. I wanted to ask her out on a date when I would leave the train. I did not ask het though. There were a LOT of people in the train and I had a really short time to ask it. But I digress. Now, a month later, I was thinking about the vacation and about her. I was thinking, what would happen if I would text her this:


I was thinking about you and I was wondering if you would want to go out with me someday.

Everyone of my group shared their numbers, so it is not weird that I have her number. I tried to talk to her on Facebook, like casual chat, but she is almost never online.

Here is what worries me, she told me that if a guy would "confess his love" to her over Facebook, that she would see that as a deal breaker (which is not strange at all). But would she think the same way when she gets a text from a guy she hasn't seen or heard from in an entire month?

What do you guys think?

Should I just go for it and see what happens?

Thank you!

These answers are great! You have really helped me ;)
Text is away. Ill keep ou guys posted :P

Well, 7 hours later, no response. I hope she was busy or something. If I don't get anything the next few days, I know I am screwed :(


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  • Yes I think you should. You have nothing to lose, everything to win. Either she responds and it's great, or she doesn't and you can move on. Go for it! ;)


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  • Text her, keep it simple, Hi its... we met on vacation. I will be in your area... enjoyed meeting you before, could I take you out for lunch. Believe me ,if she is interested she will reply. Good luck.

  • Don't text her what you said , just send her a text saying hi how are you would you like to hang out sometime ? . You don't have anything to lose


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  • I prefer to call her rather than sending SMS .. Just say hi, and tell her that you would like to have a dinner with her...

  • golden rule #21352345;

    you should never text a girl you're interested in, unless she's already your girlfriend.

    what you should have done is call her and set a date. no discussion over text or voice.

    • I really dislike calling. It always get awkward very quickly.

      If I did call her, wouldn't she be like "Why do you call me, I barely know you."

      A text is a little less intrusive I think