Any reason he would do this?

So the guy I like... lives close to me... and we mostly just talk when I am out walking dogs. I was over-thinking the other day as I do when I am horribly bored... and thought of something quite interesting. Or so to me, it is. See... when we first started talking it was either over the fence (yep, he is that close) or in his driveway. Every neighbor or random joe who walks by that I see him talk to, is in the driveway. Including his longtime friends who are a couple. Now of course I don't see everyone he talks to and I never see him out of the area with people so no idea what he does with them, but a few months ago...he decided to approach me and call my dog up in the yard. Ever since then, we only talk in the yard or in my driveway. He doesn't even get mad if my dogs pee on the lawn or when one of them was digging up dirt with his paw. I do not see anyone else, ever, in the yard. Even his "female friend" who has known a few years has never been to the house, this he told me himself. He also has allowed me to come up and knock on the door anytime if I want to talk or have him hang with the dogs. I can't help but wonder, why me... why is it only me who comes there (he says he never has company over due to living with family who doesn't want company there) and he usually talks to people in their driveway or his. I get the yard now. Always. Could it be just because of the dogs or is it something more maybe... at first, the dogs would be on the curb or in the driveway and he would just pet them there and talk to me. Its not just this though, I mean, he does always give me eye contact and smile around me. Laugh and tell jokes and does what he can to relate to me, he knows what I like etc and will ask me about things we talked about long ago. I keep telling myself... he only likes the dogs or is being nice... but is it possible I could be wrong?


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