How should a guy communicate interest to a girl he likes?

i mean what do I do and say to let her know how should I flirt with her.


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  • It really depends on how well you know the girl.

    If you have a class with her, try befriending her first.

    Smile at her when you see her, or pass her in the hall.

    If she seems to need help with class work, offer to help her.

    If you don't know her and see her around, smile and wave to her.

    If you're already acquaintances/friends then laugh at any jokes she might make, offer to do things for her, help her out, offer your number and text her just to ask her how she's feeling, etc.

    There are a number of ways to convey interest, but the best way would to be upfront about it and just tell her, and see how she reacts.


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  • Here's a little list of quirky things that I think are cute:

    - Poke her sides, watch her squeal. Most guys think this is cute.

    -Tickle; but don't grope. It's fun and simple.

    -Play with her hair. It lets us know that we're special.

    -Don't be afraid to randomly hug- though this is uncommon unless you're dating said person, it's cute for the touchy-feely girls.

    -Hang out. Don't be afraid to be 'friends' for a little while.

    -Be casual and cool; don't always try to impress her you're human.


    - Let her catch you staring I think it's very adorable when a girl catches a guy staring at them, he blinked, surprised, turns a little red, looks back at the front of the room and then looks at her again.

    -Be friendly.

    -Don't constantly follow her around- give space.

    -Don't be silly when it comes to asking her out: if she responds she'll say yes.

    :D Good luck.


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  • The thing is. That the art of attraction is so complex that it will take me hours to write down how to go from eye contact to approaching, getting a number, making a date, creating attraction, making out, having sex, how to deal with her after sex (which I btw made an audiotape of at to getting in a long term relationship and to breaking up :D

    I can't explain all of that in 3000 words even if I wanted too.

    And even IF you learn all the stuff, it will still take months of trial and error before you have perfected it and can flawlessly attract women left and right.

    Good luck.

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