Moody guys/ too closed up--what should I do?

What I don't understand is, when you're all good with your boyfriend and after some time, he starts replying to your texts all "dry" and after a couple of times you ask him what's wrong or if anything is bothering him, he gets all moody and says nothing is wrong?

How can I make him be more open to me, or what should I do if he is all dry in my texts?

For those who don't know what "dry" is; its like emotionless, simple worded texts knowing his either pissed off or something else.


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  • Sometimes you just don't feel like talking to anyone and many women find this very hard to understand. Most women talk out their problems but most men need time to think before coming out with their problems.

    • i don't know any women who don't understand wanting time to yourself, to think, or to d nothing.,. except on tv. anyways, he's not, not talking, he's being rude. creating confusion.

      QA stop ask him if something is wrong. talk it out , if he tells u. if not, then stop taking to him, if he's passive aggressive. .. if he doesn't contact you within two weeks. re evaluate your relationship. whether you want to be with a guy who doesn't talk to u, & or respect you enough to _tell_ you he doesn't want to talk.

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    • Yeah maybe, or he just had to sleep on it?

      What should I do if he continues to be that way? Should I just let it go?

    • if he's your boyfriend, & hr refuses to tell what's wrong, or just that he wants space--how is that not passive aggressive& how is p-a not rude?

      anywas you can't force him to talk. he either wants to are he does no. if you are someone who likes things to be clear, & he is someone who does not care about communication.. then perhaps you are ill-fited.

      if you have tried & he's not interested in talking there's nothing else you can do. there's no magical act. he has to want to be clear.

  • It's because the "honeymoon" phase has ended, where things at the beginning are extremely happy and overwhelmingly nice.


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