Am I over-thinking this situation?

ast night I went to my best friends (Robert) house with my other friend (joey). We were all hanging out outside then my friend joey had to go home. I told Robert I needed to go home too. Before I got into my car I asked him what he thought of me dating a guy with a baby. I got into my car & lowered the window. Then my car key had locked & I couldn’t turn it, I asked Robert to help me. He stuck his head through the window & fixed it; he hugged me awkwardly & pop kissed me (on the lips). I was shocked... then he kissed me again. I told him I had to leave (I only said that because I wanted to get out of the situation, it was really awkward) then before I left he kissed me one more time. He also texted me when I got home & called me a tease? Imp so confused, I had a huge crush on him a couple of months back & he didn’t feel the same way. About a month ago I dated his close friend Isaac after we broke up Robert started getting closer to me. I asked him why he kissed me & he said "hormones" what does that mean & does he like me now? Did he realize he likes me because I dated Isaac? Please help. P.S he wasn't drinking lol.


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  • Sounds like Robert had a change of heart, his feelings have changed for you and he decided to show you.


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  • he likes you .. but the whole thing was awkward .. should have been more cute than awkward

  • I think he was a little bit jealous and is trying to show you what your'e missing.


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