Should I call her on Monday?

It's now 10:32 PM Saturday night where I am. Tomorrow I'm going back home from a trip I was on with my family. We spent the last six nights in Chiloquin, Oregon. We drove down to my cousin's place in Sacramento and that's were I'm sleeping tonight. We're driving back home to Long Beach, CA tomorrow. Prior to this trip, there was a girl I was hanging out with this summer who I really like. I sent her a postcard from Chiloquin five days ago (Monday). I haven't gotten any texts or calls from her yet though. Also, didn't have internet access there so I'm now checking everything and no Facebook comments or messaged from her. Is it possible she hasn't gotten the postcard yet? (She also lives in Long Beach.) I'm thinking about calling her Monday to see if she wants to hang out now that she's done with summer school and I'm finished with my summer job but the semester hasn't started it yet. I don't want to push it with her on the post card in case she hasn't gotten it because I wouldn't wanna spoil it.


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  • Yeah go ahead and call her! there is nothing wrong with that.


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