How do you makeout for the first time?

this is my first time kissing or making out and I'm really confused. I don't know where to put my lips and how to move them


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  • Honestly, it just kinda happens. At least, it did for me.

    Its fairly instinctual once it begins. Though, of course, the more you makeout with someone the more you will learn what it is they like/dislike.

    Seriously though, if the guy brings his face within an inch or two of yours, you move the last inch or two to show him you're willing to kiss. Otherwise he may take it is as a sign that you don't want to.

    Anyways, the guy will typically be the one to tilt his head more, and will usually place his lips first. So just respond to whatever he does(unless you want to take charge).

    If you are closed mouth kissing and they open their mouths a little and lick your lips they are basically asking permission to make it an open mouth kiss. Which is oh so much better in my opinion. Don't be afraid to use your tongue, but don't just try to stick it down their throat.

    Tip: Once you are open mouth kissing, try writing the alphabet with your tongue. It feels great and keeps the other person surprised(if you just continually go around in circles or what not they will get used to it). It may sound ridiculous, but it's effective.

    Good luck!

    • i do have to say reading your comment made me laugh (in a good way) ha ha that is the best way I have ever hear it described :)

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  • It's simple

    Don't think about it

    Don't eat the guy's face but don't be scared to get a little crazy

    If you wanna do tongue, do a little

    Or, start off with a little

    Personally, I sorta tease with my tongue before I straight make out with my girl

    Also, if your tongues are on top of one another, being at the bottom is best

    Sorry if that's a little off topic

    One last little bit of advice, don't ask if you were good

    Cause it's an awkward question

  • There are two types of kisses that I have came across a lot. My favorite one is the just suck the life out of him, in thr fastest way you can. Basically a girl would put her tounge in all around really fast, move herlips super fast, like if it was the end of the world. The one I hate but have to live with, is the slowwwwwwww kiss, rarely no tounge, and last for like a second, I HATE THAT ONE! But that's how you find "the one", who kisses like that lol.

  • im probally no good at this but let him make the first move if you try its just a little desperate if you make the first move unless your sure he likes you then look at his lips, then back up at his eyes close your eyes, lean in, and kiss him hope this helps


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  • It just comes naturally. Don't over think it. It's not very hard, just don't stick your tongue all the way into his mouth like a pelican having his last meal lol.

    • LMAO where were you when I was looking for you the other day? hahaha Nice metaphor

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    • Oops sorry just going through this ole question and thought you said "you have to stick your tounge all the way into his mouth like a pelican having his last meal lol."

    • No no no no no lol.

  • Sooo easy this guy is the leader so you just follow him and his lips make sure you move them and you open your mouth

  • just...mirror what he does. stop thinking so much. it all comes naturally when it happens.