Did I interpret her text wrong or did she actually change just like that?

Bit of text dialogue but I don't really understand what happened last night, this girl I like text me asking if I was out round town, I replied saying "No, I'm at a mates house tonight, you decided to go out then?" (she wasn't planning the night before when we went out).

Anyway she replied saying "hell yeah, and I'm pretty wasted right now. You ok?"

I replied saying "yeah I'm OK, a bit bored tbh, didn't think you'd stay in, you all right tonight though"

Then the last thing she said was " Nope I feel like sh*te tonight but screw it go wild or go home, I'm past caring now"

Originally I thought that the wild/go home and not caring thing was her mindset on her staying out feeling like sh*t, so I replied asking why she felt so bad. But then I re read the text and thought it's more likely to be me about being bored.

I don't know why she was like that though and it's really playing on my mind, as the night before we really hit things off. I understand that when you're out the last thing you want is someone saying how bored they are, but I wasn't that bad.

This morning she text me saying it was sh*t due to all the fighting that happened last night, then said that she was free next Friday and Saturday to do something. I'm pretty confused now


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  • she proably doesn't really remeber just go with it and hang out with her if you like her...


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