Is this good idea to use dating site ?

I am 23 now and single for 7 months, I live in small city , I'm busy with studies and work and don't meet many new people.

I go for parties and discos, but I am meet there mostly guys who don't want serious relationship.

I was thinking about dating sites.. but I've never used it .

Do you think it's good idea?;) maybe someone used it and found love?


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  • Nah because a bunch of them are just full of scams.

    I know for a fact, the sites recommended by a magazine are the real deal. Like eharmony, and international dating sites like filipinocupid. These sites lean more into the marriage category, because only people that want to get married go to these type of sites.


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  • Yeah, I think you can do it. I was on few dating sites like couple of years ago and it never really worked out for me. Not a single girl messaged me back and was interested in talking to me but since you're a girl, it should be much easier.

  • Yeah, it's tailor made for people in your same position!


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