Old true love comes to haunt me?

I met are 2 years ago, he's a friend of my friends.. He was visiting for a very short time and we really clicked and had one cool date. Then he had to go back to Cali. We kind of said goodbye but then we both admitted we're saving a place in our hearts for each other. Kept on talking a lot, but he didn't wanna do the ldr, for there was no future for us, and we thought we'd never see each other again. During that time (8 months or so) I got to know him as much as I could, and I started developing those feelings for him.. he on the other hand did not feel exactly the same way, and didn't have any problem with seeing other girls. I ended our unspecified relationship in March last year, cut all connection and really moved on. Saw him once last year, when he arrived for a visit, but it was all just friendly or less .. I even thought maybe we could meet for a cup of coffee.. but he didn't even answer my msg, later on stating he was "too busy".

Anyhow I cut off all connections with him again and really forgot all about it, as much as could.

I always thought he was the guy I'd pick, based on all the things we have in common and the way he made me feel, even when were away..I'd pick him any day.. but then he really hurt me by ignoring my message and I decided he's not worth the heartache.. no one is.

So the only reason we couldn't be together was the distance. He said he's been in an ldr and it hurt him a lot.. I didn't demand or ask for anything.

Two days ago my best friend told me are is back.. for good. Left the band. Back to stay... Ever since I can't stop thinking about it. We're in the same circle of friends, so I knew sooner or later I'd see him. Happened the day afterwards! By surprise! I wasn't even supposed to be at her place that night, when her boyfriend , and friends (R among) just came into the room... felt like my heart was going to jump out of my body. Stayed pretty calm though.

He seemed very happy to see me, we had a long strong hug and then just kept on as usual. It's funny because I was really overdressed and looking really nice, almost as if I knew I'd see him that evening.

He's invited me to his birthday next week.. by now we're not even friends on Facebook, we don't have each others' phone numbers.

Not that I'm intending to do anything.. I'm just trying to stop thinking of him. All I feel is this sympathy and "love" slowly getting control over my mind and thoughts, and I just can't help but think ... what if this is our second chance..our real chance, what if he really is that guy for me, even if he hurt me in the past (unintentionally) what if this time we actually have each other close...

He seemed really surprised and happy to see me, when we had to go he kept staring at me waving goodbye.. when I was still there he barely even looked into my eyes, neither did I .. I was too shocked I guess..

I knew he might be coming back maybe 3 weeks ago, but it was a big maybe, and no one knew when that maybe'd turn into a "yes".


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  • Did he turn into a ghost ?

  • I think sometimes life throws your past back at you, you've just got to deal with it as best as you can without betraying what you've learned from things.


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