Resumed communication after several months?

So basically this guy and I met several months ago (like three or four of them) at a dinner get together to which another guy brought me (though as a friend). We talked a little at dinner, but after dinner we hit up a hookah bar. I was seated right next to him and we talked some, but I was practically falling asleep so I said I needed coffee. He said he was going to get some, and no one else wanted any, so we went alone.

We talked for nearly an hour, and then we went to another friend's house to play video games and watch a movie. We flirted, cuddled a little, and I fell asleep on his shoulder.

After I went home that night (well, morning, as it was like 4 or later), he added me on Facebook and we talked for about two hours and then exchanged numbers.

We talked for about a week straight, but I could never get him to ask me out/agree to go out with me. However, when I went out with the same friend the next Friday, he showed up where we were and we ended up making out all night. He did all sorts of cute things that convinced me he liked me. We held hands and he gave me a ride home (including going on a two hour plus mission to find my keys).

We talked the day after that some, but the friend whom we met through was angry with him and me for what happened and basically made it clear to a lot of their mutual friends that they had to choose between the two boys. So the guy I made out with stopped talking to me.

So, fast forward to yesterday. After several (three or four) months of him only talking to me in passing, telling people I wasn't his type, etc, he sends me a message at 2:30 in the morning. I replied the next morning when I woke up, and didn't really expect him to reply back, but he did, and we talked all day (him pushing to keep the conversation going) and most of today. Nothing about what happened or anything, just talking about his new job and my new apartment.

So... what is going through his head? Does he just want to talk or does he want something more from me? Or is it way too early to tell?


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  • Maybe he wants something more but needs to be sure his friend is over it before making a move. It sounds as though there was something going on, relationship-wise that had nothing to do with you and he has to deal with the fallout before he can start anything serious with you.

  • I think it's way too early to tell, simply because you haven't seen the conversation and communication develop into what it will yet.


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