Genuine signs of attraction for both girls and guys...?

hey- just making it short and sweet, I'm confused about this person and well, it's driving me insane about how they may VIEW they like me genuinely or not? I'm normally pretty good at assessing people but on this occasion, I just can't work them out ;( so, please reply and thanx- so, so much- in advance xx;)


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  • well it depends how they come across if she looks at you then breaks eye contact it may be she is shy or if the person plays with there hair. What signs are you getting?

    • well, thanks for replying- appreciate it ;)

      1) initiates conversations with me

      2. does play with hair and clothes

      3. but, very defensive in her body language like crossed arms and legs

      rubs eyes a lot!- wha does that mean?

      gorgeous eyes- always looks deep into mine- I like that...


      cant wait for your reply ;) ;)

    • yes she likes you but maybe she has been hurt in the past and that's why she shows signs of crossed closed body language

    • thanx ;)

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  • Well, when I'm in to a girl, I find myself kinda flexing my muscles for some reason, even sometimes I'm not even aware of it, guys will do anything to be found "masculin" in front of the girl that they like, also we (well I do, but I'm sure that others does it as well" clamps jaws and stuff.

    They will maybe even come up with an excuse to "touch" you, or a classic one is just to tell jokes and be funny, and make you feel comfortable.

    If you tell the guy that you're having a date, watch his reaction, and the answer WILL be VERY CLEAR!

    Alright this is all I could come up with for now.

    Hope this helps.

    I wish you the best of luck :)

    Got one more, if you ever are at his or your place, let him be the one to sit down first, then you go sit at another couch, if he sits next to you I'm pretty sure he likes u, but even if he doesn't don't think that he's not into I, he may be shy :)

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