Could I read something into it?

A friend that is no longer a friend (their choice) recently had a death in the family. It was a significant loss to them, so I contacted them to express my condolences - that's all. They responded quickly to my contact and said it meant a lot to them I did that.

When people say that, do they mean it, especially when their has been a rift in the relationship? Does it matter if we are of the opposite gender?


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  • I think when people say that, they truly mean it. It's not something you'd say to every single person.


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  • The same thing happened to me before.

    A friend of mine and I drifted apart for stupid reasons and none of us seemed to care to mend the broken relationship. We were very close friends so it was really sad losing her.

    When my Grandpa died, she sent me a very sincere e-mail offering her condolences. She called me later on as well which really made me happy regardless of what had happened in the past.

    Why did it make a difference to me? Because I felt like it was a true friendship and that she was there for me in the time of need. I felt important. I felt cared for. I really valued her kind gesture. I respect her a lot and wish her all the best.

    We aren't close though, so this doesn't necessarily mean that he wants be close to you once again. It just means that he values the friendship you once you. You were important to him.

    He's a guy, but I don't think it's any different if it was a girl. There are two possible scenarios. 1) He wants to be close to you once again and you offering your condolences was a great excuse for him to contact you. 2) You were important to him, and him doing so was out of respect and good manners. It doesn't necessarily means that he wants you back.

    Is it #1 or #2? It depends on what happens next. If he stops contacting you and it was only an incident thing, then it's probably #2. If he tried to keep intouch with you and use multiple excuses, then he's probably thinking of getting close to you once again.

    Hope this helps. :)

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