Girls - I need opinions on this please?

I'll be as brief as possible.

1 - Meet this girl on Erasmus in Germany, hit it off, were 'together' and was 'with' her up until her father came to collect her to go home to France indefinitely (stayed the night with her until 7 a.m the next morning) . She cried a lot through the night at the thought of us parting. But that's Erasmus for you.

2 - I went home three days later. Constantly texting, until one conversation about where are relationship was going. I pushed a little and told her I wanted her to be my girlfriend, and she said we'd try but the next day she said a LDR would be too hard. As I'm not with her 24/7 etc etc.

3 - We 'broke' i.e. no contact for two days. I was heartbroken & I heard through the grapevine, she was too.

5 - We connect over music in the beginning so, since 'that' talk we have been talking a little on Facebook and sending each other music. Nothing like before obviously.

6 - Final point : Today a simple 'how are you' text from me turned into a five hours session . Joking, laughing like before 'that' talk.

Question - What would you be thinking if you were her? I'm lost to what she might be thinking.

Thanks (Sorry for the story length)


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  • If I was her I would wish if we could date, LDR are hard but not impossible don't give up without trying :)


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