Emails for online dating?

So I keep sending these types of emails out with no luck what so ever:

Hey how are you? Hows your weekend going so far? So you like jet skiing huh. Me too! You get a chance yet to go this year? So do you have any other interests? Also what did you go to school for? Well hope to talk to you soon.

My question is what am I doing that is so horribly wrong? Thank you in advance for any feedback.


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  • It's usually about the peripherals:

    (1) Do you have a photo up? It better be a kick-a$$ photo, not some shabby thing your pal took of you while you were hung over with a girl draped all over you.

    (2) Is your profile appealing or does it (A) run on and on like the River Styx; (B) have the lengthy preamble of "Oh my, I don't know what I'm doing here, I hate to describe myself..."; (C) sound dull/boring because it's too short; (D) look like a laundry list of places, people and things? OWN your profile and put out something short and pleasant. If the gal has to scroll at all, she can scroll on to the next bachelor.

    (3) Are you using proper grammar and punctuation at all times? (Yes, that's important.)

    (4) Is it clear whether you're looking for a relationship or a ONS? Make sure that's clear.

    (5) Did you leave any sections ambiguous (or get too descriptive)? Keep things light and simple.

    (6) "Hi, I liked your profile. Would you like to chat/meet up?" Is sufficient. You don't need to list ALL your points of commonality.

    (7) If the girl has puppies in her pic, tell her how cute the dog is. If the girl has a kid in her pic, don't interrogate, just say it's a really cute pic.

    (8) Breathe. Women can smell anxiety through the cyberwaves ...

  • it sounds to me like you really try and start and hold onto a convo, which is good because for some people that can be hard, especially when you really don't know them!

    Personally, I don't think YOU are the problem at all. you really have to be careful and take online dating with a grain off salt, because in my experience a lot of people with profiles up that tell you they are "looking for their soulmate" are really just looking for someone to pay attention to them.

    I know sometimes its hard to meet people in the "real" world but I think that is your best bet. When you do meet someone that is truly looking for a boyfriend, then you will have the tools you need to really start a great relationship.

    • I think dating in the "real" world is better. The immediate gratification the internet provides is fleeting and it's probably more trouble than it's worth. The virtual maiden is most likely going to play you like a toy and leave. Everyone is impatient to meet their soul mate and do all these crazy things when really it just takes patience and the internet is the least patient thing.

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