Am I in the wrong here?

My friend set me up with this guy she's friends with. We've been talking and Haven't hung out yet, we attempted to but something always come up. The other day he told me he was working but he was actually hanging out with his friends so I asked him about it. The friend that set us up texted my other friend while I was with her talking sh*t about it to her. Saying I'm f***ing it up with the guy and I'm being pushy. I don't think I am. He lied to me and I'm upset about it. Am I wrong?


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  • If its true that he lied about where he was when you two were going ot hang out, then drop him. There is really no excuse for lying about that?

    If it were me and someone set me up with someone I would have just said, I'm busy today because I'm hanging out with some friends.

    Its good that you confronted him about it.

    • we talked about hanging out then he said he would but he had to work. and he just texted me telling me that apparently he was let off work early and met up with friends. But my best friend works at the same place and said they wouldn't let some go home early. and he's calling me sweetie and saying he's sorry and what not. But I don't know if he's telling the truth =/

    • Hm maybe give him the benefit of the doubt because you are just getting to know him. Try giving it another chance but be wary if you think something like this is up again. That's what id do.

    • very true, I think that's what I'm going to doo

      thank youuu

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  • Yes. In a man's opinion, I mean.

    You haven't even been out with him yet and it looks like you're checking up on him.

    As a rule most of us will see red flags going up all over the place when something like that happens.

    It's true he didn't respect you much by lying to you. But why did he feel like he had to? Usually we don't act like that unless we've been henpecked and are dodging our SO's.

    You must relax and chill if you want the stallion to come into your corral, young grasshopper.

    He's missing out on a good thing, but it's because he probably had a bad thing act like that before.

    • true, well either way I'm pretty sure he isn't gonna tal to me again. But I didn't come at him mean or anything I just asked why he lied to me. oh well.

    • When we find out one girl has talked to another girl about us, men have a tendency to think everyone within twenty miles has been talking about the situation. I'd say just back off of the whole situation, and maybe next month he'll stop being so sensitive.

    • were cool now, he told me he didn't mean for it to sound like he was working all day or whatever

  • No, if this guy lied to you then I think you are in the right to be upset about it.

    • thank you! that's all I'm upset about like I clearly know me and the guy aren't together but there's no need to lie to me. Id be upset if my best friend lied to me about the same thing

  • I didn't read your question but you are a woman so yes you are in the wrong.

    • wow that most original thing I've read. thank you so much for your input

    • I just read your question and I have to say you are in the wrong again :/

      If you're doing this now, you'll probably hire a private detective to follow him around if you guys start dating.

    • i didn't even mean to find it out. My friend saw him and texted me that I should have came out with her. I def wasn't done to catch him doing anything. So I really don't see how I was wrong. You wouldn't be upset a girl told you she was bored at work when in actuality she was partying with her friends.?

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