Is this pace too slow?

I met this girl online and we texted for a couple weeks and then decided to meet. Yesterday was our first date and we went bowling and got food. We both got along great and I had a great time. We hugged and said good night. Today I invited her out again and we went to a hibachi place and then came back to my place and watched a TV show that she told me was really good.

So we were watching the show and laughing and talking occasionally. We were sitting side by side and at one point she put her head on my shoulder but then took it off a couple minutes later. I wanted to put my arm around her but I'm really wary of moving things too fast especially because I just met her and we are still getting to know each other. I feel like I might be being a little too cautious because of how my last relationship began and how fast it moved. Putting my arm around her doesn't seem like it would be a huge deal but I just didn't feel comfortable doing it yet. I really like this girl and I don't want her to lose interest because I'm not moving fast enough. Any advice? Thanks!


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  • Sounds like you two have a really good time together! Don't worry, the fact that you're still asking her to hangout and go places with you is a good sign for her that you're interested. Keeping doing what you do and move at whatever pace feels comfortable. Just be sure to still show interest other ways, by compliments or things like that. That way she knows that you do like her and it's not that you're moving slow because you're 'just friends,' but because you want things to go the right way. It's only the second time you two have hungout, you're not moving too slow :)

  • Hi there. Glad you had a great date. Now let's think rationally. Why do you think that anything is wrong? Has she stopped taking your calls, stop responding to your text or acting differently? My point is, if it has not changed your interaction with each other you shouldn't even worry about it. If you didn't feel like then you didn't feel like it. You definitely don't want to force anything and then regret it later. Just continue the phone calls, conversation as normal and ask her out again so she doesn't think that you are no longer interested. Hope this helps. Wish you the best.


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