Was this her chance to get physical with me?

My love interest, or you can say crush, was hanging out with me today. We just went around the town.

Anyway, she looked like she was getting really tired, so I offered her a piggyback ride and she willingly accepted it. There was a music playing, so I started moving my hips and I guess the action was felt in her private parts, that it made her go "omg stop :)". I don't know if I went too far in that one.

The next day we went to go see a parade, we were stuck in a corner, she was too small but I was tall enough to see everything. So I told her you can climb on a fence and you can use me as a leverage, and she willingly accepted it. Also I felt as if she was feeling all of my upperback lol. I mean my upperback is well developed and defined since I do swimming.

what are your inputs?


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  • She seems comfortable with you.

    • the answer I needed

    • Keep pushing the envelope to get more physical with her.

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  • Don't understand your question either.. Was she supposed to get physical with you sitting on a fence? lol

  • You're a bit cocky and we can't read her mind.

    Sorry, I don't know what kind of answer you are looking for but I feel your "question" is rather pointless.

    • Being Descriptive does not mean cocky, and my question is clear. If you fail to understand, gtfo.

    • You're over 45 and are saying "gtfo?"

  • ...I think you're reading into this a bit much. :/

  • i don't really understand your question... like was she touching your back on purpose? I don't know how she could avoid that seeing as she had to use you as leverage...

  • You're too old for this question.


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