How can I be better at this relationship stuff? HELP!!

I need tips on being a great should I treat my boyfriend? What are the major do's and don'ts in relationships? I have barely had my first boyfriend but I am breaking up with him because things aren't working out...sooo...I need tips? How do guys like things? How do they think? I need help from the ladies and the gents! PLEASE!


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  • 1) DONT BITCH! Talk to us or give us orders. But please, do not bitch about things.

    2) Don't cry to get your way. Crying is a control technique and only works to make him angry.

    3) Do not HINT. Talk to us or give us orders. But stop those stupid hinting games.

    4) Feel free to complain about what we do. But don't keep on bringing up old stuff. When you have had one good complaining session about one thing this issue is closed and over. The past is the past.

    5) When we ask what is wrong and you say "Nothing!" - deal with the consequences. You SAID nothing was wrong.

    6) No silent treatment. Have a good fight and get over it. Grab something to eat and be friends again.

    7) That you decide something is not an agreement. As long as you yourself recognize it as an order we're good with it.

    8) Never ever try to turn him away from his mates or family. You can ask him to prioritize you on occasions, but sparingly.

    9) When you have an argument, try to be open about what you want and don't get hung up about where he is wrong. Argue your case and do not put words in his mouth.

    10) When you get angry or upset about something, ask him about it before you blow up. Most likely he never intended to make you upset, so do not act like he did it on purpose.

    • Alrighty...that's helpful. thanks! :)

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  • #1 tip! Don't over think things. Most women over think little tiny things when the guy is really doing nothing wrong or having any doubts.For example I've had lots of girls break up with me because I'm uncomfortable with public displays of affection. They all took it as I didn't want to be seen with them when I would have been nervous with anyone. Don't automaticallt think things and jump to conclusions talk sh*t over and try to save the whale (relationship)

    • ..Eeek..yeah I always have to catch myself when I do that..i.e. over think/ analyze stuff. Thanks for the advice. :)

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  • 1. Trust, you need trust, don.t just accuse him, because that'll lead to fights, if someone tells you something, just ask him about it, be like "I heard this from so && so, I think its not true, but I wanted to know what you think."

    2. Patience, you need to be patient, with yer boyfriend.

    3. Don't yell at him when yer mad, try just talking, it works out a lot better, also don't take yer anger out on him.

    4. Always stay faithful!

    5. Never lie to the one you love, that just isn't right or fair.

    6. Don't blow his phone up all the time, you two don't need to be up one another's butts everyday. Go out && have time with firend's. [:

    • Awesome! thanks for the advice! I'll keep it all in mind for my next relationship! =)