Should I stay with this guy for a while?

so usually when I have a crush on a guy id be all happy and pretty much obsessed. (I wouldn't show it but ill think about them 24/7). anyway so I'm dating someone who had a huge crush on me... which is why we got to know each other. he's best friends with my best friends boyfriend also. he's really nice and sweet and playful but to be honest something doesn't feel right. I'm not all happy and excited about this guy. I feel like I'm not attracted to him enough (as shallow as that sounds try hearing me out) and I feel like he's going way too fast sometimes.

thing is he seems really into me. and I don't want to hurt him in any way because he's so sweet and he did nothing wrong. and also I feel like I might lose a few friends since I know some of his close friends.

any advice?

oh and I won't be able to avoid this guy much because we're going to the same college. he's a year above me though.


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What Guys Said 1

  • ever think maybe you don't like him that much because he likes you so much.

    on the other note if your not attracted to him your not attracted to him.

    he seems like a nice guy,

    don't hurt him because you don't want to hurt him-

    if you get what I mean


What Girls Said 1

  • I've been that girl, believe me.

    Thing is - here's the alternative, namely what I usually did: I stayed with the boy in order to not hurt him. They kept pulling me and I kept pushing them away cause I couldn't help it, as I didn't want them so close. In the end the boys were hurt anyway and I had to break it off nonetheless which hurt them, too.

    So what I'm saying is - if he's more into you than you into him - he will get hurt. Matter of fact. You feel how you feel and although we sometimes would like too, we cannot make feelings appear that aren't there.

    So thing is, +how+ you're gonna hurt him. I'd suggest an open, gentle conversation where you honestly tell him what's on your mind. How you think he is such a nice and kind and sweet boy but you just don't feel the same way about him. He's still gonna be upset, we'd all be, no one is happy about rejection, but he will appreciate you being honest and kind instead of trampling upon his feelings. At least if he's not a d***. He might also turn out to be a major d*** and throw tantrums. Rejection brings out terrible sides in people.

    Good luck!