Has this happened to you?

I recently got out of a terrible abusive relationship with a guy who constantly lied and cheated. I have been doing very well getting over it and been feeling better everyday, its been about one month now. We were together about 4 years with some patches of off and on. I don't contact him and I haven't heard from him in a week. (He would never say anything just send meaningless texts, I'm guessing trying to get a response).

Last night I had a dream about him. It was a crazy dream his whole family was in it. He had a girlfriend in the dream but she was never actually present (the girl he cheated on me with, I don't even know if they are still together or not) , his friends were in it. I remember at one point we were trying to find a place to mess around my ex and I. We were going to fool around on his car in the middle of the street. Then we were inside with his family and his friend was hitting on me. His friend was hitting on me and kissed me, and I went to the friends apartment but nothing happened. The my ex and his mother come in and he has this sh*t-eating grin and his mother comes in and freaks out on me about some game , it was some game where she said my friends were posting awful things about him and I had to fix it I had to call Google and deal with it. Also I remember my ex was saying I was cheating because I kissed his friend (this part doesn't make sense to me because in this dream we were exes and the fact he was with another girl was apparent even though she wasn't present she was mentioned repeatedly)... the rest is kind of blurry.

But, this dream shook me to my core, I felt so sad when I woke up, I cried which I haven't done in awhile, my heart was pounding. Its almost like I feel like I am back to square one with this breakup emotionally. I really feel like I was healing and this dream has really shaken me.

Has anyone else had this happen? I was finally starting to feel the relief that maybe I wouldn't hear from him again. And I am so confused by this dream.


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  • Dreams are bitches sometimes, they can arouse so intense feelings...!

    Keep in mind though, they do not change the truth. They don't change what he did for you and that he has shown more than once that he doesn't treat you with respect.

    Dreams hurt so much once in a while. Time for some well deserved ice-cream and a few romantic movies!


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  • lol..well honey no need to be confused...i usually don't give a damn to a dream but I had couple of dreams in my life which impacted me a bit and I felt them. One was for a kid I used to play with and for some reasons she went away. When I dreamt about her and all those moments I decided to buy her something and I got her a gift.

    Other dream was of the girl I used to like. I m totally not emotional kinda guy. But in that dream we were about to break up our freindship forever and going away.

    But I knew it was all crap. But people who matter in your life you easily relate things to them.

    Dont worry..just make smart decisions and live your life to full..god bless u.


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  • I absolutely hate when that happens.

    I am currently still in an abusive relationship and working on getting out.

    Whenever I don't want to think about him, their are always little reminders that he's around

    because we have been together for so long, I think in your dream it was showing your ex

    taking out his anger on himself and reflecting it on to you

    Abusive people always find a reason to blame. They are emotionally immature.

    Just remember you and I are worth so much more!

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