Messed up! Do I leave him alone for good?

I have been dating this guy for 2-3 months. Everything was great except for it felt like he was ashamed for me to meet anyone on his end. He met a lot of my close friends. So that bothered me and he never acknowledged me on Facebook. Well I was falling for him and didn't know how to bring those things up to him so instead I cowardly text him that I wanted out. I immediately realized what I did and tried taking it back. I apologized that that's not what I meant I just had a hard time telling him why I was hurt. Well to him it mist have been a big deal breaker. Is he hurt with me or just doesn't want anything ever to do with me? I tried calling and sending him a couple of texts to meet me in person because I wanted to fix things BUT he hasn't responded at all. It's been 3 days. Help, I need advice!


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  • If he doesn't respond to you on his own, then at this point, it's over.

    A lot of girls use "breaking up" as a tool to bring up something in their relationship, because they are afraid to communicate, but that's a horrible tactic, and one that many guys won't tolerate. I tell girls I date from the beginning: if we break up, it's OVER, so think long and hard before you say those words, because there won't be a second chance with me." It sounds like your guy may feel the same way.

    The lesson here is: you MUST be able to communicate in a relationship. Passive-aggressive tactics like breaking up are NOT the way to communicate. You rolled the dice and lost, and now you're going to have to accept that. Hopefully the pain will be remembered, so that next time, when something bothers you in a relationship, you'll TALK to the guy about it instead of letting it build up pressure until you feel like you have to do something drastic. You'll never have successful relationships doing it that way.

  • Give him time. I think you deserve any pain your way right now because you didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. But do as you see fit.

    This is interesting because I for a very long time used to do this to all my relationships. The reason I excluded my partner from any friends or family from my world was because I had this strange fear of them ruining the relationship (without realizing it was the thing that ruined it).

    Maybe I just saw my girlfriends as something really precious that I'd want to keep more than anything... and my social life wasn't that balanced considering my friends and certainly not my family.

    What you should have done is just asked with sincerity. What you should do now is give him time. Keep checking in to see if he's forgiven you (considering you're still interested).

    I'm not saying what he did wasn't potentially wrong. I'm saying you don't know why he was doing this and you were the one to first make a fault. So you owe him an apology until he has a chance to explain himself.

    Hope this helped :-) Best of luck!


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