Problems with my relationship? Considering breaking up.

I love my girlfriend, don't get me wrong. But lately, she's been acting different. We hardly text anymore (she still asks me to come over daily and stay all day, I just never hear good morning or good night or anything in between much anymore.) and a lot of the time on our dates, she spends way too much time on her smart phone and less time actually communicating. She's pretty materialistic and constantly looks at things with huge price tags and jokingly asks me to get her them. Its just lately, I feel like I'm trying harder than her.

One thing? We don't nearly have sex as much as we used to. We are both working a lot, and really tired and we do still hold each other and kiss... but we don't have sex much anymore. This has caused me for the first time in a long while to look at other women sexually. I'd never cheat on her, but I feel like she is taking me for granted and I am not getting much satisfaction. We recently got into a fight yesterday where she basically told me she didn't trust me. (There was a conflict between me and her friend, and she believed her friends lie over my truth.)

I just don't know.


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  • I think the problem is your spending way too much time with each other, spending every single day and all day together really can take it's toll, I really feel that you should spend some days in a week apart because when you spend every day with each other your not really giving each other the chance to miss each other or much chance for you to live your own lives, and sexually... it doesn't give you much tension to build up during the week ether when your so easily just avaliable for each other so you could just easily get hugs and kisses. As for her friend, what sort of friend is she when she is trying to break you both up?, she is obviously jealous about you both yet your girlfriend can't even see that, that's all I ever see these days is others trying to break people up just because they don't have anyone themselves, all they do is try to twist and turn anything you do, you need to talk to her about this and you need to keep things just between the two of you becuase rarely is anyone ever going to be happy and supportive any more, I know it's sad but you can't really trust nobody these days, just trust each other. A lot of people are very impressionable especially girls, you can see how much they are from giving into all the trends and feeling the need to cake their face up in make-up all the time, they essentially let others bully them into thinking they are ugly which causes insecurity, if I was your girlfriend I wouldn't be friends with that girl because if she can't provide any real evidence of why she can't trust you then your girlfriend can't take what her friend says at face value, that's the problem though most do these days.


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