Do guys listen to their friends about a girl? even when the girl used to date his friend?

i broke up with my ex-boyfriend back in January and haven't had contact with him since then I started dating his friend back in July and we were together for 2 weeks when all of a sudden he blocked me on Facebook and then I found out he was hanging out with my ex-boyfriend. do you think my ex-boyfriend could have said something because he still has feelings? I'm really confused on all of this. I really need honest opinions!


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  • If you did something really wrong to hurt the ex's feelings, he could have felt obliged to share it with his friend so he didn't get burned by you. This is assuming that you left the ex-bf on bad terms.


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  • Well, first of all, I think most guys don't want to be with a girl that his friend was banging at some point. Second, his friend may have told him how you are in the relationship and he decided he didn't want to be involved with that.


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