Can anybody analyze this text convo!

There is this girl I know for five years (we're not close, but we stay in contact). We stay in contact every once in a while, but I think she is flirt texting me sometimes. So I need help with this. So here it is...

Her: Miiiiiiike! :-)

Me: What's Up!

Her: Come outzzzz

Me: I'm chilling tonight. It's a little late if I come out now.

Her: OK then you kno it her birthday

Me: Yeah. I told her to come out next week so I can make it up to her.

Her: OK. I got u

Me:So you coming out too?

Her: yea sure

Me: I'll make it up to both of y'all

Her: OK I will hold you to that

Me: Do That. I'm a man of my word

Her: OK :-) that's a good thing

Me: Yes I know

Her :-)

Me: Check that off the list lol

Her: lol :)

Is she showing any interest?
She was flirty? Not interested at all?
When we see each other in person. We will hug each other. We would have conversations. I have my arm around her waist and she would have her arm around her shoulder. She want me to go on the dance floor to dance with her. One time I saw her look at me from a distance more than once. Let me know when see is leaving. Introduce me to her friends.


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  • you are analyzing that too much. That is pretty regular conversation. There isn't much proof to say she is interested but she definitely likes you as a friend - there might be more...

    • It feels like I'm overthinking it, but there other signs too when we see each other in person.

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    • To your Update.. She was interested in hanging out with u. It is hard to say if she is wanting something more. you cannot get an answer from having a conversation like that. You have to ask her on a real date to know. From the convo. I get that she is a bubbly person..

      What types of signs is there when you see each other in person? that can maybe say that there is interest...

    • Yea...

      I am thinking she does like you from her actions in person...

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  • She's flirting a bit, but it doesn't sound like anything serious. I wouldn't base the start of a relationship off it!

    • I just want to know if she's interested so I can ask her out.

  • What is their to analyze? o.o

    • So she was showing interest in me?

    • I think you're thinking too much into it, seems like a regular convo to me.

    • @Update: Calm down and stop spamming. Just ask the girl out already, don't have a heart attack over this. Good luck!

  • I think she's flirting, but I don't know so.

  • She flirty.


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