What should I do with him? Stay or go?

So I've been dating this guy for 3 and a half months. I feel like he really doesn't treat this as a relationship. Last month I only saw him once. Where in the first 2 months he was always calling, texting and coming over few times a week. Today marks two weeks since I last saw him. He works 12hrs shifts, and has a 3yr old son. I try to be understanding.

We used to text all the time, or he waits til I text him for him to reply. I Haven't heard from since Friday and that is unusual. I called him Saturday, and text him and I got nothing. I'm always the one to communicate with him first...I'm kind of tired of it so I'm not going to text or call him first and let him do it. But I just think it's weird I Haven't heard from him. I kind of feel like we're just f*** buddies. Even though He called me last week to tell me he loves me and good night. He talks about our future together when we talk and how he wants to marry me and have a family with me. But why am I getting the cold shoulder than? Is he keeping me around for sex on a regular bases? (He has his xbox and games, and other items belonging to him over here at my house. So that confusing to what the hell type relationship I'm in. because if I was in a f*** buddy relationship, I wouldn't leave my sh*t like that over his place.)

I have no clue what's going on. I'm a tad fed up of waiting around for him. Yes, this is my first serious relationship and I guess I'm confuse on what to do.

Do I stay and Put up with this or just go?

Do I send him a text or not?

Would you put up with this from your man?

Guys: what is he doing?!

P.S: the last two weekends he has off, he went out of town, non work related. Which I think he could use to see me.

I also feel bad because he has done a lot for my nephew who more like my son. and My nephew become attached to him and so has the boyfriend. So times he just calls to talk to my nephew who 7.
He finally called me tonight...Than a few hours later I called him back. We talked for a bit than out of the blue he asked me what I would say if he proposed to me. I told him things would have to change but I would still say yes. Why would he ask that out of the blue?


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  • - Let him know how you feel about the relationship you two have right now and want the relationship to grow

    - Let him text/call you first from time to time

    - He feels comfortable in the situation you two have right now and doesn't want to progress.

    answer my question please? link

    • I told him how I feel. I'm not texting him til he does it first. even though I strongly just want to call him and see what's going on with him...What should I do with him being comfortable in our situation?

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  • I think he's not giving you the attention that you deserve, only seeing each other once in a month? Something's not right in that scenario...


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  • if a girl is important to a guy, that guy will do as much as he can to have her.

    sounds like a complicated situation because he has a 3 year old

    and has a hectic work schedule. if you really think you see a future with this guy

    text him and ask him why you guys don't spend as much quality time like you used to and make a plan to see each other at a time that works for both of you.

    if he's not someone you can see yourself with for a long time let it go.. come to terms

    with the fact that both your lives are different and you want different things.

    • Oh I see a future with him...which is why I think I'm dealing with this. I've already told him I'm not going to be waiting forever for him to come around. When we talk, he very supportive of things I want to do, like go back to school. I Already told him I understand his son part and he more than welcome to bring his son. he's so funny and cute to be around and I love kids.

    • that's true, if he chooses to have a girl in his life

      it's his responsibility to see her, and make her feel wanted vice versa

      goodluck girl! :)

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