Is he interested or just sees me as a friend? please help!

I met a guy about a month ago, and we instantly became very comfortable with each other. We have a similar sense of humor, so we are always talking and cracking up. We always hung out in bigger groups of people and he never seemed like a shy guy. He is always super friendly with everyone, but I always felt like he might be interested in me. The night before I was to leave for vacation, he invited me over his house unexpectedly. Of course I was so happy I nearly killed myself trying to get there asap (don't judge lol). Even before I came over, he was sending me semi-dirty texts but then always saying "jk" after each, I guess he was trying not to offend me. Once I got there though, we just watched TV. He did say some flirty things and dirty (but playful) comments, but nothing else. He did not make any move, not even putting his arm around me (even though he did it once right in front of our friends). When I was leaving, we just hugged. As I got home I thought maybe I was not giving him the right signals or something, so I tried to reassure him that I wanna see him again. I texted him saying we have to have another movie night when I get back. He texted back saying something like this: "You wanna have another movie night but I spent the whole night playing with myself and you didn't even wanna play with it. just kidding :P ill see you when you get back". I know it might sound dirty, but believe me, we both say dirty things and we always say them playfully, it's not offensive to me. I am on vacation now and am SO confused. do you guys think he likes me? Why would he invite me over and not make a move? Did he lose interest? Or does it sound like he never liked me? I really like this guy but I have only known him one month now and feel very insecure about it. I don't want to be spending my only vacation obsessing about this. Please help! Any opinions/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


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  • I had the same situation happen to me three years ago. and I'm still talking to this guy. Its kind of hard to tell if he likes you or if he is just trying to get into your pants. When I was in this situation, I played it off for a little bit longer until I knew for sure if he liked me or he was just using me. Do not obsess over this on your vacation it will just drive you INSANE!

    When you get back and you guys hang out, just hang out like you have but if he does throw you the signs or says dirty things and jokes only, then I would think he is just trying to get into your pants lol. But if your still confused, I would mention it to him and see what he says.

    Hope this works! sorry if it doesn't!

    • Thanks for the reply! :) so when you say you are still talking to this guy, do you mean it worked out for you guys and you are still with him? or it didn't and you are just friends?

      I think my biggest confusion was him inviting me over but then not making a move. my friend, who also knows him, said it is probably because he got shy in person and did not want me to think he is only after one thing. that made me feel better, but now I am not so sure if that was the case. what do you think? thanks!

    • I'm not with him, but he wants to be together. So I would say it worked out. I just put everything out there and be honest with him. He is probably shy and doesn't want to make the first move. He probably thinks you will reject him. So instead of you waiting for the first move, you should do it. I honestly say make a move first if he's still not going too.

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  • I think he likes you, when guys joke around it's just being playful and fun, usually showing interest.

    • Thanks for the reply! :)

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