What do you think if I told her?

There's this guy that I like... he likes me... we've agreed to hang out sometime... he's quiet... I don't think he wants his mother knowing he or I like him... he's moved and he said I could visit... he doesn't have a license.. I do.. say it's true the thing about his mother that he doesn't want her to know... would that be why he said he'd want to do things later... (could he have meant when he has a license?)

My question is- What do you think about talking to his mother and telling her you want to hang out? He lives at home but so do I.. We're both adults.. we don't need permission.. but would that help?

We both haven't had a girlfriend or boyfriend..
People are afraid of the unknown... she doesn't know me that well... if she doesn't trust me, wouldn't telling her a litle about me help?


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  • is he close to his mom? if he is then he is proably not serious about you since he thinks you are not good enough for his mom or that she won't like you. if his has issues with his mom then maybe she does things or say things that embarres him and he doesn't want to scare you away

    • Yes he's close to his mom. I think he's serious but I don't know if he talks to his mom about anything like that... guys keep that personal? If she doesn't like me, is there a chance she could understand at all if I talked to her?

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    • I know.. it could be also that I'm kind of quiet at work (she's my boss) and she doesn't know me well enough...

    • i assume he knows what he is doing if she doesn't want you to see her son she can fire you or make your worklife a living hell, ask him why he does hide you and if his doesn't stop then you can't hang with him anymore

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  • Don't do that, it'll make him feel like a child.

    • We're not children but we're not that old either. He's 20, I'm 25. I work with his mom. I can't bring him up in conversation at all and say we want to hang out... can I come over and surprise him?

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  • He should tell her I think. Whether or not he does, I think shows how serious he is about you. Not saying he isn't serious now. I'm just saying it takes a lot of courage and love to stand up to a parent and say, "I know you don't like X but I do, and we're dating whether you approve or not."

    I just don't think it's your place to talk to her. There could be things going on below the surface that you don't know about.

    • Below the surface.. like what? I think the only bad thing would be if she would say no to me or ignore me or say bad things to him about me... I know her.. she's a litle hard to read.. but if there was a chance she could understand...

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    • I was thinking of that... to explain to him what might help... I don't want to get between his mom and him... like if he had to pick to listen to his mom or me.. He's 20, I'm 25. I don't know what their relationship is like... do guys tell their mom anything about a girl they like? As with me, I can't help talking about someone that makes you feel happy... She's my boss.

    • She's your boss? Your job might be in jeopardy if she doesn't like you or if you two break up or something. He's probably worried about that. You should be too.

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