Short and simple or lengthy texts?

When guys text do they prefer short and simple or something long enough to say what's meant? In my previous posts I've been talking to an old friend, he acts as if he's flirty to my face but otherwise in texts it's short and simple and acts not interested. To the point he gives a smilie when asking to hang out. Or like when I tell him I have something he wanted last weeks it's as if it was nothing. Is he playing hard to get or is he just not interested? I've been friend with him for 6 years! Is he hiding feelings? Or does he not like texting? He says I was texting to much - every 5-10 minutes after his reply I'd say something. I don't see how you can text too much?


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  • I didn't read everything you said, but I prefer long texts. When a girl texts back and it barely says anything, me and all my friends all call that "empty texters" because there is nothing that we can even make a conversation out of. Sorry if that sounds harsh, I don't think it does though. Anyway.

    • Not harsh. I agree. Just makes it confusing when a guy youve known 6 years and haven't talked to in three of those tells you can text whenever but when I do Its too much, but all I get out of him is 'sure' and a smilie or 3 words? Just purs me in a crazy spot after we just had sex and so I felt no other choice but to ask what we were. That got something out of him but haven't heard from him since!

    • I'd honestly probably say he might of just been in it for the sex, that's what it seems like at least fro my perspective. maybe I'm jumping the gun but..

    • That's the thing! I asked him for friends with benefits - which we've been before and he said were nothing but friends. He has no other females close like me in his life at the moment and works 3rd shift. I didn't out right ask, but giving more time between those texts to ask. Just don't want him to think I have feels as I used to and font want to text too much again, ya know?

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  • I use texts for lighthearted comments. Nothing deep or lengthy. But those lighthearted comments will still be involved, not like I'm trying to avoid the person I'm talking to.

    • Light hearted as in? Like small conversation that doesn't mean much? It almost makes me feel avoided with short and simple one words. I don't mind to the point short and simple, but when it's something you can't talk much from and then get told you are texting too much, it just doesn't make sense.

    • As in I want her face to light in a smile when she sees her phone buzz, not have her contemplate the meaning of life.

    • Gotcha! That's a good way to put it. So simple or not you want something from it rather than giving a whatever. Very sweet! :]

  • I think it depends on the guy, but most would definitely prefer the short and simple ones. Lengthy conversations should be done in person!


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  • To be honest, Id rather he text me lenghty messages than text me short, simple, one word sentences.. I hate that so much! As you said, it makes them come across as uninterested & boring. That's why not a lot of people text me anymore, cause I just refuse to text them back if they text me something that doesn't catch my interest (unless I'm REALLY bored). So yeah.. if you're going to text me (girl or boy) you have to be interesting or at least have something important to say to me cause if you dont, don't even bother texting me please.

    • Same here! That's what I'm confused on. He tells me to text whenever and the week before was messaging me on Facebook almost every few hours and nothing short and simple. I just didn't understand a smilie when asking to hang out? We just had sex the week before so it's like what's going on? I hadn't seen him in 3 years and he wanted to catch up but can't text but like 3 words? I understand if you're busy or don't wanna text ya know? But say so! And texting feels so impersonal sometimes.

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    • Oh well now that you mentioned that, be careful with him cause it seems like he just wanted you for the sex. But either way,yeah just wait it out.


    • I asked him the night he said I was texting to much what we were and basically asked if we were FWB but he said we were just friends. I do want to ask for FWB - we once were but don't wanna push. I mean I've known him 6 years and after not talking for 3 of those I get all this, I just don't get him at all! To come back after 3 years just for sex but not good for more? I think he's scared of feelings or something. Thank you again and sorry if I'm bothering with my issues, hah!

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