What should you do if a person you talk to sometimes keeps bringing up your boyfriend's ex?

A girl that I'm acquaintances with is very bad in social situations. My problem is that she won't quit bringing up my boyfriends ex(technically not his ex cause they were never officially together, but they had a short thing before she left him for HER ex), and it totally pisses me off if I even hear the chicks name...especially if it's something about my boyfriend and her.

What should I do though? I'm trying not to tell her to freakin' stop talking about her cause if I tell the acquaintance then the other girl will find out that I really don't like her, but I get so pissed every time the acquaintance brings her up! >:(


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  • Such people feed on others misery. She's doing it on purpose. I understand you might never understand why would she enjoy seeing you angry and jealous, but such people exist whether we like to admit it or not.

    From experience, I found that they do so to get a reaction from you. She wants to see you angry or feeling jealous or whatever. If you keep telling her to stop doing that, she will never stop simply because she noticed that she could get such a reaction from you. If she was a decent person who really cared for you, she would have stopped the first time you asked her to.

    I found that the best way to deal with such people is to stop giving them the reaction they want to see. Next time she mentions the girl's name, act like you never heard, smile and say nothing. Try hard not to show your real emotions. Just change the subject and keep on smiling.

    They stop once they lose hope in making you angry. They get bored eventually.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • Thanks. :)

      I've never actually told her to stop before cause she is HORRIBLE with social things like conversations and I'm almost certain she'd tell the other girl I didn't like her.

      And tbh I don't think she's even trying to make me upset, like I said she's just really really bad at conversations and stuff. For now the issue is fixed though, I blocked her on fb chat which is how we were talking.

    • Good for you! If she messed up with words again (if you ever met or talked again), then ask her to stop. Give her a chance to show that she's a good friend. Have a nice day. :)

    • Thanks! And I will. You also have a nice day. :)

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  • You tell them to stop, but in a way that's a bit playful and light, like "ok OK is that all you talk about" then sort of slap their back, then both go hahaha and the audience laughs and then your friend looks at you and says "oh you!"

    Um... yeah just try to change the subject.


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